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Futures markets have been switching from day session pit trading to electronic markets. In my opinion the new electronic markets are harder to trade because in thinly traded parts of the 24 hour period, prices sometimes move to "incorrect" prices. When the day session starts, big traders snap prices back to reality.

This has concerned me so much I have created new special versions of Catscan 4 and Golden SX just to trade the new electronic markets. The rest of the website covers the regular version of Catscan 4 and the Golden SX system. Perhaps I'm over-reacting to the new electronic markets but just in case buyers will receive both the regular version and the new special electronic versions of Catscan 4.and Golden SX. The electronic versions are so new I don't have website pages for them yet. So I've prepared special pdf reports ( just the performance numbers) for the new electronic versions.
                                 To download Catscan 4 Electronic version click here.

                                 To download Golden SX Electronic version click here.



If you want trading systems that have stood the test of time, you are at the right place. Can you name any other systems that have held up for 15 years?

We designed it to trade all kinds of markets. It's held up longer than almost all other systems. It's now 18 years old, a really old man in the system trading world where 6 months is a long time.

  • It's averaged $91,744 net profit per year. 

  • 2008 was its best year ever. Net profit $454,539.

Golden SX
Another great system.  But there was a huge problem with the year 2008. After all, financially it was a disastrous year. No. No. It's not what you think. It didn't crash and burn. It also did what it was designed to do. You see, it too was designed to trade all kinds of markets. But here's the problem. It did way too good. It's screwing up all the numbers.

  • Golden SX trades less than Catscan 4. It averages around $37,000 net profit per year.

  • But 2008 really messed up the averages because it made a $135,924 net profit.

  • It's was back to a more normal profit in 2009 with $41,211.

As you know there are a lot of bad actors in the trading system business. It makes it hard  to know what you are really getting. So you may want to independently check us out. The company with the most integrity is Futures Truth, Co., the trading system test people. Rest assured, none of the crooked vendors will ever suggest contacting them. Futures Truth's telephone number is  (828) 697-0273. Our testing is as accurate as we can make it but it's still testing.

You might also want to check out how my systems have done in real life. Call me if you want to talk to the broker that trades for more of my customers than all the rest combined.

The other pages of this website give a lot of detail but you may want to read in depth hard copy reports.
You can get them 4 ways.
1. Call me at (800) 745-8238 or (765) 866-8001.
2. Email
3. Fill out the information form on this website.
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System Assist Broker: If your not comfortable with computers, travel a lot or just don't want the bother of calculating daily signals and calling them into your broker each day, you may want to talk to a system assist broker. They have copies of my systems and TradeStation and TradersStudio. Call for details. 


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